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Our Areas of Practice:

Employment Law: E.S.A. Compliance


Employment Law: Litigation for Employees


Human Rights Law


Small Claims Commercial Litigation


Creditor Rights Law



Solutions For Start-Ups & SMB Businesses

HR Consulting

Legal Compliance & Workplace Training

Is your SME business compliant with Ontario’s employment laws?

At DB Legal Solutions, we understand the challenges your business face in trying to keep up with changing regulations, and staying compliant with Ontario’s laws. As legal practitioners knowledgeable in employment law, we can assist in resolving your HR challenges in policy development and review as well as as workplace training so that you can meet your legal obligations.  We provide workplace training in key areas such as employment standards, Accessibility for Ontarians Act  with Disability (AODA), workplace discrimination and harassment.

Contact us today for advice, support and information on how we can help you limit liability for HR related issues.

Legal Process Outsourcing


Contract Management

One of the challenges faced by SME businesses is managing legal paperwork and reducing costs. The success of every business is tied to finding and retaining clients as well as managing the relationship with clients, suppliers and even your employees. Having a succinct contract lays the framework for establishing these relationships as it increases efficiency and can strengthen business relationships.

If you are a start-up or small business and need assistance with contract drafting, negotiation or review, we can help support your business goals. We provide monthly retainer packages at affordable fees for your contract management needs.

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Litigation: Small Claims

Litigating disputes can be a costly expense for businesses and consumers. In some cases, small claims court is usually a more cost-effective avenue for resolving disputes and collecting debts valued up to $25,000.

Using a lawyer to resolve disputes in small claims court can be more expensive due to their high legal fees. Using a licensed litigation paralegal is a much more cost effective alternative since they are trained specifically to resolve disputes in small claims court.

At DB Legal Solutions, we represent plaintiffs in small claims court who have a claim against a defendant (s) valued up to $25,000 for the following types of disputes.


Contract Breach Or Default



Debt Recovery



Commercial Disputes



Home Renovation Disputes



Real Estate Disputes



Construction Liens



Judgement & Enforcement


In addition to recovering a claim up to $25,000, you are entitled to seek costs which are amounts that the court orders one party to pay another.  The amount awarded in small claims court is usually 15% of the amount being claimed.

If you are involved in a legal dispute and need reliable legal advice & representation, contact us today and let us help to secure your legal interest.

Solution For Self-Represented Litigants

Unbundled Legal Services

Not all disputes require full legal representation. Depending on the complexity of your case, you are legally entitled to represent yourself if you choose. However, self representing without the required  knowledge of the law or court procedure can lead to costly mistakes.

Legal proceedings can be time-consuming, costly, stressful and sometimes complicated process, but with limited legal intervention in an unbundled service model, you can minimize the stress and avoid costly mistakes in representing yourself.  Our unbundled services are designed to offset the costs of expensive legal fees while giving you full control over your case.  We take care of some of the paperwork for you on a limited scope retainer basis so you can focus on the other aspects of your case.

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Case Assessment



Legal Research & Analysis



Litigation Support



Legal Consult & Strategy


Legal Coaching

Coaching is great way to become familiar with the court process and be informed on the procedures used to bring your claim to a satisfactory resolution. Our coaching sessions provide you with procedural information and guidance about preparing your case and what to expect at a hearing or trial.

Benefits of Legal Coaching

  • Make Informed Decisions.
  • Develop Confidence In Representing Yourself.
  • Limit Common Mistakes Self Representative Litigants Make When Going To Court.
  • Guidance On Court Procedure And Etiquette So That You Are Better Prepared For Self-Representation.

What You Can Expect to Learn:


How To Prepare Court Documents



How To Draft Legal Correspondences



Court Approved Methods In Which You Provide Notice To The Other Party



How To Prepare For Trial



How To Argue The Law



Strategies In Examining Witnesses



Court Etiquette



Mediation as a form of dispute resolution is generally the most cost-effective way to resolve disputes. It can be arranged privately between the parties and is now a mandatory part of the court process before going to trial.  In small claims court, it is called a settlement conference.  There are many benefits of using mediation to resolve disputes without going to court. Key benefits of mediation are:

Mediation helps the parties to narrow their issues

Mediation is a faster process than going to court

Less costly than litigation

Mediation is confidential  – unlike court cases which are public, only the parties involved in mediation is privy to the information.

At DB Legal Solutions, we encourage our clients to settle disputes before opting for litigation. At mediation, we negotiate on behalf of our clients or we act as third party neutral mediators to facilitate the mediation process.

If you are involved in a dispute that you would like settled outside of court, request a consultation.

Employment & Human Rights

We are advocates for non-union employees whose rights under the Employment Standards Act have been violated by their employers. In these cases we can assist with filing a claim with the Ministry of Labour or the Small Claims Court. In addition, we represent employees before the Human Rights Tribunal  for cases involving unsatisfactory work conditions such as discrimination, harassment or dismissal under a protected ground of the human rights code. Some protected grounds under the code include:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Colour
  • Ethnic Origin
  • Family Status
  • Disability
  • Marital Status (including single status)
  • Sex (including pregnancy and breastfeeding)


For employment Law Issues, We Can Help With The Following:


Wrongful Dismissal


Constructive Dismissal



Workplace Harassment



Workplace Discrimination


Benefits of Employment/Human Rights Service with DB Legal Solutions

  • We represent only employees in litigating human rights disputes with their employers.
  • No upfront fees. We take our fees & disbursement only when you settle or is awarded damages.
  • Ongoing legal advice with regards to your case.