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How We Do It

Our Approach is Simple.

We listen to our clients, understand their legal issues and assist them in securing their interests and rights in accordance with the law. Using legal technology to enhance client service delivery, we are able to conveniently service our clients needs by being accessible, flexible and responsive.

Our six step process is a seamless approach in getting started with our solutions.

Our Process

Step One

Request a consult or complete our contact form and we will get in touch with you to discuss your legal issue. A consult fee of $99+HST applies.

Step Two

Complete our client intake form.

Step Three

Sign retainer or engagement letter to establish our working relationship.

Step Four

Provide ID verification. As per Law Society of Ontario rules, we are required to identify and verify the identities of clients  who require legal services. Acceptable forms of ID include:


Government issued driver’s licence

Unexpired passport

Birth certificate


Articles of incorporation

Annual filing

Certificate of corporate status

Step Five

Pay retainer deposit (if applicable) and fees.

Step Six

We will set you up on our secure client portal where you will be properly onboarded on our process. You will also be able to share documents, and  track the progress of our work on your matter.