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About Our Fee Structure

There are several ways in which we bill depending on the type of services requested. These include flat fees, contingency fees, blocked fees and monthly retainer. Fees are effective January 2018 and are subject to change. Fees are in addition to HST and disbursements where applicable.

Litigation: Small Claims

Demand Letter

Fee: $99.00 + contingency (start at 20%)

Plaintiff’s Claim

Fees start at: $449.00

Default Judgement

Fees start at: $129.00


Fees start at: $449.00

Court Attendance - Per Day

Fees start at: $549.00

Trial Attendance - Per Day

Fees start at: $649.00

Judgement & Enforcement

Fee: $429.00


Fee: $349.00

HR Consulting

Policy Development

Review and develop policies to ensure compliance with Ontario’s employment laws. Please Call For Details

Workplace Training

Workplace training on:

  • Employment Standards Act
  • Human Rights Code such as Harassment and Discrimination
  • Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA)

Please Call For Details

Legal Process Outsourcing

Contract Management

Call us to find out more about our LPO packages. Fees typically based on a monthly retainer.

Self-Represented: Unbundled Packaged Services

Case Assessment

Fees start at: $549.00. Includes:

  • Case assessment and legal opinion on the merits of your case
  • Identification of legal issues
  • Identification of available legal remedies
  • Defining theory of your case
  • Commissioning affidavits
  • Two (2) follow up correspondences

Litigation Support Package

Fees start at: $799.00.  Includes:

  • Drafting demand letter (if applicable)
  • Small Claims Court or Tribunal form preparation
  • Case assessment
  • Drafting pleadings
  • Case law & analysis
  • One (1) legal consult and strategy session
  • Two (2) follow up correspondences

(Does not include legal representation)

Legal Strategy & Consultation

Fee: $149.00

Legal Research & Analysis

Fees start at: $349.00

Legal Coaching

Legal Coaching

Fee: $549.00. Three (3) Sessions Includes:


  • 6 hours of mentorship and procedural  guidance on:
  • Identification of appropriate Small Claims Court forms
  • How to prepare Small Claims Court forms correctly
  • How to draft pleadings
  • Court etiquette
  • How to organize and present materials
  • Recording of sessions

Legal Coaching on Demand

Fee: $139.00. Includes:


  • One (1) session for 1 hour for procedural and/or negotiation/settlement coaching


Employment/Human Rights Litigation

Fees based on contingency . Please contact us for more details.



Fee: $580.00.  Time Slots:


  • 9:30am – 1:30pm
  • 2:30pm – 5:30pm


Fees start at: $1,100.00


  • 9:30am – 5:30pm