What Legal Problem Are You Trying to Solve?

We are a virtual paralegal service firm that is in the business of providing legal solutions and solving legal problems for Start-ups, SME Businesses and Self Represented Litigants.

Recovering Debt for Unpaid Goods and/or Services


Resolving B2B/B2C disputes in Small Claims Court



Complying with Ontario’s Employment Laws and Regulation



Settling Disputes Outside of Court



Getting compensated from your employer for unfair dismissal and /or workplace harassment and discrimination



Help with completing legal forms and drafting legal documents



Recreational Marijuana Licensing and Compliance



Guidance, mentorship and support on how to represent yourself in Ontario's Small Claims Court and Tribunals


How We Help

Less Expensive

Obtaining legal services from a licensed paralegal or paralegal service firm  can be more cost effective in accessing the court system in Ontario. We help  individuals and SMB businesses by pursuing claims on their behalf with effective legal representation and sound legal advice.


You don’t always have to go to court to settle a dispute. Our mediation services provide a balanced and faster method of resolving disputes than litigation.

Small Claims Litigation

We  help to secure your interest by negotiating, litigating and settling disputes cost effectively.

Unbundled Legal Services

If you are self-represented in a legal matter, we can support you with legal coaching and unbundled legal services to reduce your legal costs.

Outsourced HR Solutions

If you are a business without a Legal or Human Resource Department, we act as your outsourced provider for legal services to ensure compliance with Ontario’s laws.

Employment & Human Rights Litigation

We are legal advocates for non-union employees, and protect their rights as it relates to wrongful or unfair dismissal and workplace discrimination and harassment.



We’re accessible with our virtual as well as mobile legal services.
*Mobile services restricted to the GTA, York Region and Simcoe areas.

No Hourly Fees

Flat fees and alternative billing structures with costs that provide real value to you.


We’re flexible. What more can we say?


We communicate with clients primarily through our secure client portal where we keep clients updated on the progress of their matter.

Decreased Legal Costs

We can help solve your legal problems at a fraction of the cost on what lawyers’ typically charge.


We are transparent about what we do, how we do it and what we charge.

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